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Security Assessments

Security Consultant

Our Partnership with Invictus offers onsite security consulting for your physical security needs.

Invictus consulting services provide our clients with security experts that are Board Certified in Security Management and Physical Security. Our consultants are Certified Protection Professionals CPP®) and or Physical Security Professionals PSP®) through ASIS International Our team provides our clients with the best security solutions to protect their assets, with a range of security services that are affordable and effective to mitigate risk. Invictus security consultants specialize in identifying threats and vulnerabilities and create countermeasures to reduce the risk. Invictus security can generate customized security programs and plans that are tailored to your organization’s security requirements.

Security Guard in Surveillance Room
Security Room

• Voice Data Copper Cabling (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A)


• Fiber Optic install and repairs, Single Mode, Multimode, Inside and outside plant, fusion splicing, OTDR tracing.


• Infrastructure and Low Voltage Design

• Outside Plant Low Voltage Cabling Locates

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