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Managed Networks &


Bringing your network into the 21st Century

With wired and wireless clients, company and guest devices, local and remote employees, local and cloud services, the need for a well implemented secure network is more important now than ever.  Star can offer network design and management services to meet your needs any size of your facility and keep you secure. 


Our services include ongoing monitoring and maintenance of these systems with our private cloud managed network solutions.  Need additional IT support for your organization or someone to handle the higher level server/network management while you have staff that can handle the day to day IT needs? Then Star’s Managed and Co-IT services are perfect for you. 


We partner with companies like Ubiquity, SonicWall, Microsoft, Bitdefender, Lenovo and VMware to bring you the best enterprise technologies at an affordable price.

Our Capabilities

  • Pervasive Managed Wireless

  • Networking

  • Router/VPN

  • Server and Storage Systems

  • Workstations and Laptops

  • Computer Deployments/Imaging

  • Backup Solutions

  • Remote Monitoring and Support

  • Onsite Support

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