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Commercial A/V

We're the A/V Club

AV Systems serve a lot of purposes in a business, school or house of worship.  From digital signage, to simple conference room and video conference system, to fully automated broadcast and performance audio system. Star Technology Group can engineer, implement, train and support you. 


The operation of AV systems can be daunting for staff and we work to make these systems simple and intuitive. Further, Star has extensive experience in the K12 space in providing integrated intercom, paging bells systems as well as instructional technologies to enhance learning with technology. Star has multiple AVIXA CTS’s on staff to ensure your project is designed and implemented to the highest quality and standards.


We offer maintenance and service plans to keep on your AV systems running a full capability including ongoing re-commissioning of systems like school wide intercom systems.

Our Capabilities

  • Conference Room AV/Huddle Rooms

  • Video Conference Systems

  • Digital Signage

  • Performance Audio Systems

  • Broadcast Video and Streaming Solutions

  • Distributed Audio Systems

  • Paging, Intercom, Bells Systems

  • Instructional AV Systems, Interactive Displays, Classroom Audio, Sound Reinforcement

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